Ratings are a two-way street. Here is what riders say they like to see.

Here is what riders say they like to see.

How Ratings Work

Both the rider and driver-partner have a chance to provide a rating and feedback on each trip.  After each completed trip, riders are asked to rate their experience on a scale of one to five stars.  You will be asked to rate each ride on the same five start scale.  

Providing two-way ratings and feedback allow us to celebrate the riders and drivers who make Uber great. This system also lets us know if the quality of service provided is consistently below Uber's standards.

  • When you first begin driving, your rating may fluctuate quite a bit -- don’t worry, this is normal. As you continue to take trips, your rating will stabilize.

  • You can view your rating on the Uber Partner App under ‘Ratings’.  You can also view your rating by logging in to your Partner Dashboard.

  • Only completed trips are rated, so if you or a rider needs to cancel a trip this will never affect your rating

  • Your rating is based on the average of ratings provided by riders over your last 500 completed trips.

Driver-partners who fall below Uber’s quality standards may receive warning messages or even have their access to the Uber Partner App discontinued.